Usworth School - Banner and Wall Mounts

Usworth School - Mark Todman

My first 'non-wildlife' venture into public art came courtesy of local artist Mark Todman who contacted me regarding a project he was undertaking at a nearby school. He liked the style of my 'Tesco fresco' in blending photography with computer imagery and hoped I could do similar with the task he had in mind.

The school in question was celebrating Washington Heritage Day and his idea was to make a banner based on the old colliery marching banners, keeping the traditional look and using archive photographs to show old Usworth and photos he took himself to show Usworth in the present day.

So to illustrate, this is the type of image we were aspiring to :

And this is the final artwork composed on computer,
the images in the central tree representing Usworth present,
and the old images underground representing the roots
of the village.

The finished banner held by some of the kids
from the school, a similar sized artwork also adorns
a wall inside the school.

Mark also asked me to work on a second project at the school, this time a bit simpler as he already had the ideas mapped out in their entirity. My job was to carefully cut out on computer and reformat images he supplied then scale them up for printing. This involved several figures (which I also had to make unrecogniseable as individuals), two kites and a globe, and some banner headings to carry the titles, formatting the whole lot in a similar style to the colliery banner. The finished figures were approx 4ft high and the images were printed out on a hardwearing weatherproof material and hung on the outer walls of the school.

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