Gateshead Council - Red Kite Models

Red Kite Models

My first venture into Public Art was a commission for Gateshead Council for two life size models of red kites to hang in visitor centres in the Derwent Valley, painted graphically rather than realistically, intended to show visitors what a wingspan of five and a half feet looked like in close-up.
I made the models in sections out of foam board, painted in acrylics and varnished. They are still on display today, hanging from the ceilings in Thornley Woodlands Centre and Swalwell Visitor Centre.

Thornley Woodlands Centre
red kite model I

Thornley Woodlands Centre
red kite model I

Swalwell Visitor Centre
red kite model II
In the background of the centre picture can be seen my portrait of Flash, the red kite tragically found poisoned in Northumberland in 2005.

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