Highfield School - Outdoor Frieze

Highfield School - Mark Todman

My biggest public art venture to date, again courtesy of Mark Todman who wanted to create something on the lines of my Tesco fresco when he got the commission to produce an artwork to cover the length of an 80ft outside wall at a local school.
It's a school big on activities and fitness and this was to be the theme of the artwork, in ten panels measuring 8ft x 4ft each it was gonna be no small project.
Mark got permission to photograph a number of schoolkids using various exercise equipment, bikes and play activities. We would meet to choose the main features of each panel and discuss composition, and working to an agreed brief I set about composing each image on computer. Problems with content were ironed out as we went and each image also had to be OK'd by the school. All in all we worked well to each timescale and the work was completed and in place in under three months.

Panel 8
My job was to superimpose Mark's photographs into a continuous
landscape with a bit of photoshop magickery,
and add the odd local landmark and token red kites.
Installation begins
and you can see the scale of the project

And here is the frieze completed and installed. Being such a large scale and in close proximity to the buildings it isn't easily possible to photograph the whole artwork, so here are two views taken from the left and right hand sides (photographed by Mark Todman).

The work is currently in place at Highfield School but is not viewable from public areas.

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