Cars - Splashing on Paint

I gained an interest in cars thanks to my three young sons, and began to see the artistic merit in them after a visit to a classic car rally at Gibside over the summer where vintage mixed with motors from childhood memories.
A bit of research shows that there is a market for classic and vintage motor art, (something for the future perhaps as my immediate aim is to get established as a natural history illustrator) and most images I find seem to be straightforward illustrations with nice straight lines and smooth colouring, all beautifully executed but I like to try to be a bit different so I produced the following samples from found images to see what could be achieved by generally splashing on the paint, running ink into wet paint and drawing by hand to give a rickety feel. I quite like the results and put these pictures in our local art club exhibition where they received good comment.

Rolls Royce 102EX
Not a vintage car as such, just a lovely photo in a magazine I couldn't resist
experimenting with. It's actually a new electric powered car but the
picture was ideal for the method I wanted to try out to give it a weathered look.

Austin Seven Box Saloon 1934
The real thing this time, and getting to grips with the style I'm looking for.

MG Midget 1930
Quickly rustled this one up so the Austin wouldn't look out of place
on it's own at the exhibition. Almost lost it but the ink outline pulled it back.

The MG Midget is now being shown on the enthusiasts website and thanks to that I can now call myself an 'International selling Artist' as both the MG Midget (above) and then a commissioned 1933 sweptwing MG-J2 (below) were recently purchased and sent off to Texas in the USA.

1933 MG-J2
specially commissioned

I really enjoy creating these images, the magic of them is they're hand drawn and painted with watercolour and ink so freely that even I don't know what they'll turn out like. My most recent motor car picture was of a locally built Willson-Pilcher constructed in 1904. The one remaining model recently sold at auction for over £200,000. I would happily take 1% for the picture :)

Willson-Pilcher 1904

My 'collector' in Texas recently commissioned another picture, this time of his Austin Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite :

Then very kindly sent me a photograph of all three of the car paintings he'd bought from me, framed and hung on his office wall :

(left - right) MG Midget, MG-J2 and Austin Healey Sprite.

And very nice they look too :-)

If you have a favourite vintage or classic car painted in a similar style, please get in touch, I'll only be too happy to oblige, I would charge £80 (plus postage) for a profile image like above on a 16 x 12ins paper. email  no deposit, customer satisfaction guarantee or no payment is taken. 

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