Sunday, 26 February 2017

Like Father Like Son

The kids love playing games on their tablets, Angry Birds having been a particular favourite (even I was addicted to it for a while). My eldest (now 11) has been a fan for years, collecting all the games, play sets and plush toy characters for as long as I can remember.

But lately Angry birds Friends on Facebook has been the only game of the series in which we partake with any great frequency, it's a competitive game played out in leagues with a promotion and relegation system and rewards for performance to help your scores along. Each tournament contains 6 levels, with 2 tournaments a week, so enough to keep the interest going.

Late last year they invited players to submit ideas for new levels, with the best ones being made up into a 'Designed by You' tournament sometime in the new year. Sprog1 drew up a level and I submitted it, but with over 500 replies I played down his chances of success.

However, a few weeks back I logged onto the tournament, not realising it was the Designed by You week, and reaching level 5 I thought it looked familiar, then it dawned on me that the Boy's design had been made into an actual level :-O

The Boy's design :
King Pigs Secret Bunker

How it looked (with a few modifications) on actual gameplay 

Top of the League

Sprog1 was well chuffed (as was I) and we played on it all evening (as unfortunately I didn't log on until the last day of the tournament) but we both ensured we got top scores in our respective leagues, it was an absolute treat to play his own design, and like I say, only 12 designs were picked from well over 500. Well done 'The Boy'.  :-)   

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Tales of the Unexpected . . .

In the last few weeks I've had correspondence completely out of the blue from a couple of folk re my artwork which just shows what a funny old world it is.
Firstly I got an email from someone in Kent saying how much they liked a picture of mine they'd picked up in a second-hand shop in Maidstone (?)
From the description I looked back through my records to find it was one which had sold at the  Newcastle City Library Xmas Show in November 2014, my first experimental 'Dragonfly Landscape' picture, one of three on display but the only one that sold so was easy to narrow down.

Born in Gateshead, now living in Maidenhead (via Newcastle)  

I told the story to my colleague Bob who was manning the show that day and he remembers the sale, a young couple from Kent buying Christmas gifts as they bought one of his as well. Obviously the gift wasn't to the recipients liking (strange, but I sometimes joke with Bob that people would only buy my pictures as gifts to give them to people they don't like) but at least now (by some strange twist of fate) it has gone to an appreciative home. I thank the sender for getting in touch, a great tale to recount. :-)

Then early last week I received another email concerning an even stranger twist of fate. A guy in the Nottingham area wanted to know if I could supply a print of a cartoon his wife had spotted in a magazine she was browsing through in her dentist's waiting room. He tracked me down from some basic details with a good piece of detective work.
The cartoon in question was from my Twisted Nature days in the BBC Wildlife Magazine, and was dated January 2011 ! (so the jokes about the age of magazines in doctors/dentists waiting rooms are true), and here it is :

Andy Warthog
BBC Wildlife Magazine January 2011

Luckily I still have all my cartoons on file as I occasionally display and sell them in various guises at craft fairs and exhibitions locally, so happily I was able to comply with the request.
Funny old world, fate works in strange ways, but two quirky stories with happy endings. It's great to know people like your work enough to take the time to get in touch. And I love it when my creations put a smile on someone's face. :-)