Friday, 27 January 2017

In the Gallery Today . . . . .

Made a delivery to Newcastle's premier Gallery ie North East Art Collective in Eldon Gardens yesterday; ten framed pictures, six for the Gallery walls and four pre-ordered, and here they are :

The three originals I painted last week
(l-r Wheatear, Great Tit, Sparrowhawk)

Three old favourites in print form
(l-r nuthatch, tawny owl, green woodpecker)

Four pre-ordered for a lady who wanted these specifically as
they are all regular visitors to her garden. Lucky her :-)
(clockwise from top left - treecreeper, bullfinch, nuthatch, long-tailed tit)

That lot should fill the gaps on the walls left over from the Christmas sales. Hopefully they'll continue to sell and I'll soon have to take another batch down. Meanwhile, those above and about eight others can be seen at North East Art Collective, Eldon Gardens (Next to Sinton's Jewellers), the whole gallery space is worth a browse even if you don't plan to buy, there's something for everyone and all by local talent. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

New Year, New Pics . . .

After all the stresses of our pre-xmas house move things have started to settle down a bit, so my first task of the year (apart from filing my tax return) was to paint a few new pics for my representative Gallery, the North East Art Collective (Eldon Gardens, Newcastle).
The run up to Christmas gave the best sales figures yet for my bird 'character' pictures so with more needed to replace the gaps in the wall I thought I'd do a few more originals as I haven't done any in a while, so here are the three I painted last week :

I actually started this one around six months back but
didn't get around to finishing it until now.
In an A4 size it will retail at £110 

Great Tit
Don't know why it's taken so long to do a Great Tit, but at the new house
we're getting a lot of these on the feeders so thought it about time.
Framed 24 x 18 cms it retails at £80

Sprawk (Sparrowhawk)
Not easy to get birds of prey to look cute, all I can say is
looks can be deceptive.
Another A4 size original it retails at £110
I have them all framed up now so will be taking them in to the North East Art Collective on Friday for display, and (hopefully) sale (see Gallery link on the right).