Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Getting Stressed for Christmas

The Show is Over . . .

The Newcastle City Library Show ended last week, always a relief as it's a very busy fortnight (three weeks if you count the preparation week beforehand) and suddenly the Christmas season is upon us.
I'm happy to say the show was a success, with myself and bob sharing 25 sales between us there were more red dots than at a measles convention, but now I have more preparations to do as I have an Art Market at St. Nicholas's Cathedral on the 10th, and the NEAC is running low on stocks of birdy pics for the run up to Christmas.

So it's all getting a bit hectic with commissions to finish as well, three excited kids to plan Christmas for, and the added stress of a house move hopefully coming up in the next couple of weeks. A fun/busy/stressful time to end 2016.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Up and Running

Our Annual Show at Newcastle City Library is now up and running; you have until November 23rd to have a look or grab a bargain.

Here's what you can see from me :

And from Bob :

Five sales in the first two days so not a bad start. Buy someone an original gift for Christmas, Bob is on site most days, I'll be getting in when I can,  hope to see you there.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Annual Xmas Show

This week sees the start of the 5th annual Christmas Gift Show at Newcastle City Library, with myself and my good mate Bob Laine displaying a host of excellently priced pictures aimed specifically at the Christmas gift market, from as little as £10 it's art for all, to suit every pocket and many tastes :

As usual my display will be mainly of wildlife, with many miniature prints of my popular 'Character birds' and a selection of prints from my back catalogue. Very few new pictures on display this year as events have meant it hasn't been such a productive year for me, but I recently produced a couple of ink and pencils of one of my favourite birds for the show, something a bit different :

Brent Geese - a handsome goose, sleek and compact, and appearing in large
numbers off the Northumberland coast around Holy Island.  

All of these will be on show at the Library,
gonna take a while to get them all up :-/
Bob will have a varied selection of original works in a range of media and subject, with landscapes featuring well ; local scenes, popular European 'scapes and a few from his imagination.
All going well the display should be up by early Thursday afternoon (10th) and run for two weeks until we take down late on Wednesday November 23rd.

Bob will be on site most days for sales and enquiries, and I'll be popping in when I can.
See you there :-)