Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Red Kite Viaduct Viewpoint

I came across a newly installed (new to me anyway) Red Kite interpretation panel at the north end of the Nine-Arches Viaduct while out on my travels last week, featuring the artwork I did for the Northern Kite Project back in 2007. Great to see it's still in use but this new panel only serves to show how jaded the rest of the panels are now looking.

The new panel in place beside the viaduct,
a great place for viewing Red Kites all year round, with large
numbers roosting at Gibside (over to the left) in winter.

On reading I find it's been erected as a memorial to Ruth Glover, a wildlife lover and (I presume) former member of FoRK (the Friends of Red Kites) who have kindly put the panel in place. Though I did not know Ruth at all, it's a lovely way to be remembered, and my best wishes go out to her remaining family.