Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring Show 2016

Today saw the start of our (4th) annual Spring Show at Newcastle City Library with my good mate Bob Laine :

Bob has a good selection of old and new originals in a variety of subject and medium, with a few iPad painted prints thrown in as well, many quality pieces at great value prices.
I've gone for a cheap and cheerful selection of £10 mini-prints comprising many old favourites plus a few originals making up the numbers :

Postcard and miniature prints
Red Kites and Character birds, all @ £10
More £10 miniatures and an original Brown Trout
in watercolour and ink

It's not all wildlife though, Newcastle's own Willson-Pilcher
Over a century old and sold at auction for £250,000
my picture will cost you a tiny fraction of that ;-)  

The exhibition is only on for one week, so if you're in Newcastle pop in and pick up a bargain or two. Bob will be on hand every day but Sunday to deal with sales and enquiries.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Busy Bee . . .

 . . . That's me.
Making up for time lost during the first couple of months of the year I've been on a bit of a painting spree the last couple of weeks, now that I'm able to work in my greenhouse studio with the weather turning (ever so slightly) milder.

I spent a few days sketching quite a pile of new ideas then selected half a dozen or so to draw out properly and began a conveyor belt of painting, getting five new pictures done in under two weeks before having to put it on pause again to prepare for the forthcoming Spring Show at Newcastle Library.

Grey Wagtail
A local favourite, love to find one on the river
Lately I counted no less than eight at one local site, what an
explosion of colour that was :-)

The few birds we had locally were
tragically killed off during the harsh
winter of 2010. They still haven't made a
 recovery but one or two have been
sighted recently which gives hope.

Stonechat II
The male singing from atop a gorse is a
sight to behold. Dark brown with white flashes
and an orange chest he's a handsome chap
against a pale blue sky.

Little Owl
Quite a few of these in the area holding long-standing
territories. Not shy they hold you in a piercing gaze
with those big yellow eyes, charming characters.

Meet The Family
A family of Little Owls perched in a dilapidated farm building is not an
uncommon sight, I tried to capture their sentry-like presence in this picture
which has a great deal more background detail than others in my
character series.  

I still have another two to do from the sketches I made but got a lot on this week and the kids are still off school, so hopefully I'll get those painted next week, then it'll be quite literally 'back to the drawing board' again :-)