Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Here Now and Coming Soon . . .

Earlier in the week I at last (been meaning to get up for three weeks now) made the 20 minute yomp along to Thornley Woodlands Centre to fill a few gaps on the wall of my exhibition space with some miniature  and micro-prints :

Thornley Woodlands Centre
Back wall exhibition space
(off the A694 between Winlaton Mill and Rowlands Gill, well worth a visit
as it now hosts a smashing little café each day between 11 and 3,and centres
around a woodlands sculpture trail, a nice family half-day out)

The micro-prints are a new platform for my 'birds in character' I'm testing out. All your favourite birds on tiny 6x7cm prints in 10x11cm (outer dimensions) frames at the bargain price of £10. Chunky frames which can be hung on the wall or stood on a mantelpiece or window sill (or wherever). Even stacked on top of each other :

Bullfinch Micro-Print
(with £2 coin for scale)

Long-tailed Tit Micro-Print
(with £2 coin for scale)

Hang 'em on the wall or stack 'em up

Collect all your favourite birds

Those samples will be on show at Thornley Woodlands Centre until early April, when the display will be taken down and relocated (with a lot of other stuff) to Newcastle Central Library for my annual Spring Show with my good mate Bob Laine (now in its 4th year) :

After that I'll be putting them online, there's quite a selection now so hope they'll be popular. More news on that soon, and further details about the Spring show as well.

Bye for now. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

New Batch Delivered

I dropped off a new selection of  wildlife 'Characters' to the North East Art Collective in Newcastle's Eldon Gardens yesterday . . .

. . . including my first new work in  while, Dipper (on the rocks) inspired by these amazing birds on the local river (the Derwent, which holds many territories) and a couple of others which aren't new but making first time appearances in the Gallery :

Dipper  (on the rocks)
original watercolour
Great birds to watch, perched on a rock like this see their dipping action
before disappearing under the water to find food. 

original watercolour
First time displayed, though actually painted over a year ago.

Spring in the Hare
open edition print, the original sold about two years back
another first time appearance in the NEAC

open edition print, a new version of an old favourite featuring
new-style bullfinches

Garden Medley XIV
one-off print
A top seller (now number 14) each one slightly different as the
birds swap places with each edition 

These and many more of my characters are currently on display at North East Art Collective, Eldon Gardens, Newcastle upon Tyne : http://www.northeastartcollective.co.uk/

Sunday, 6 March 2016

World Wildlife Day

March 3rd 2016 was designated United Nations World Wildlife Day for those who missed it (as I nearly did). The theme was "The future of wildlife is in our hands", more specifically pertaining to the plight of the elephant, and CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) launched a competition to design a poster for the event.

I found out about the competition just last weekend when it was retweeted on Twitter (though was launched back in January) but as the future of wildlife is something I care passionately about, thought I'd quickly put something together, and based it on a project I did at University on a similar theme :

As you can see it misses the main theme of elephants and having seen some of the beautiful and poignant artworks of some of the other entrants I doubt it'll be a contender for the prize trip to South Africa to attend the convention later in the year. Probably just as well as I hate flying :-O

Still, not to worry, sometimes its enough just to show you care.