Wednesday, 23 September 2015

World Cup Winner ? . . . .

It's the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup in England now until the end of October when hopefully England will be involved in the final.

To commemorate the tournament I've produced a limited edition print of a World Cup Robin, also celebrating our new national bird in the process :

It's a very limited edition run of only 20 framed prints (one for each point scored by England in the 2003 victory over Australia) costing £45 and available to order exclusively from North East Art Collective in Newcastle's Eldon Gardens (see details below).
Prints are ready framed in white (approx. 10 x 8 ins) and each one is numbered and signed by the artist (that'll be me then). 

A World Cup winner? I certainly hope so :-)  Tel : 0191 231 2483

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Art in the Garden

A North East Art Collective event showcasing a range of northeast arts and crafts. A few house artists will be on hand, but stalls are occupied by external craftspeople. If you want to see any of my work I have a few items in the actual Gallery but will be re-stocking next week :

Some of my characters currently on show in
North East Art Collective
prices ranging from £30 to £200 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Home is Where the Art is . . .

I currently have a picture on display in the Your Alice in Sunderland Exhibition in Sunderland Central Library & Art Gallery, celebrating the 150 year anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's most famous book.

I found out about the competition just a few weeks back after seeing a link on Twitter, and couldn't resist the opportunity to get something on display in my home town for the first time since I left for a new life 12 years ago. I quickly read the Alice in Wonderland story as it's a lot of years since I last did so, and finding the part about the croquet game played with Flamingos and Hedgehogs (I don't know if they'd get away with that today) I hit on the idea of a contemporary piece based on the cartoon flamingo design I had recently composed for my exhibition at Washington Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre.
I didn't have much time so kept it small (A4) and registered my interest by sending an image of the completed picture by email a couple of days before the deadline :

A bit of Alice related humour
in a contemporary setting

I got an immediate reply saying a display was already up and running in the Central Library for a selection of entries but they'd love to include my piece, even volunteering to come and pick it up. In the event I sent it off as it was in a lightweight frame fronted by Perspex, and as I needed to go in to Sunderland earlier this week to see family I looked in to see if it was up.
And I'm pleased to say it was:

There it is in the centre, dwarfed by some of the other entries

And there's Alice too, running away from it.

The competition has a couple of good cash prizes but I don't expect my entry to win anything. Having looked at some of the other work on display, some folk have gone to a lot of trouble to make some beautiful, large scale and high quality pieces.
My little cartoon complements the work on show and adds another piece to the tale but is hardly a prize winner in that sense, but the prize to me is having it on show in my home town, and pride is my reward :-)   

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pride of Place

It's always nice to receive good comments from appreciative customers, and very nice when they send a photo of their recently acquired artwork in situ in their home or office.
The recent 'family portrait' commission (see previous post) was one I really enjoyed doing and knew was very well received from the comments I'd had, so it's great to see it holding pride of place on the wall of their lounge :

Love how the colours match the wallpaper
(I assure you that wasn't planned)

I also received a photo of the framed 'Magnificent 7' pet portrait I completed earlier in the year, another more than happy client :

And of course I can claim to be an 'International selling artist' thanks to a collector of my work in Texas USA who loves classic cars. His son spotted my experimental MG Midget on a classic car website and bought the original for his father's birthday, who then commissioned me to paint his own classic cars in a similar style, and sent me this picture of all three in situ on his office wall :

Texan Trio

Makes the job worthwhile and boosts the morale during times of drought :-)

Personalised commissions in wildlife, pets, classic cars and pencil portraits are the perfect gift for (dare I say it) Christmas, email me your enquiries for a no obligation quote (see header)

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Good, The Bad, and the Unusual

My 3rd summer exhibition at Washington Wildfowl and Wetlands centre went as well as I could have hoped, with 40% of the 30 pictures I exhibited disappearing from the walls.
As usual it was the 'character bird' prints which sold best, though two of them were apparently 'lifted' from the walls by someone who 'forgot' to pay for them, so if anyone out there knows anyone who has a Bearded Tit and Treecreeper (pictured below) I'd be interested in clearing up the matter. Should be easy to spot as at the moment they are the only ones in existence :

Treecreeper (top left) and Bearded Tit (top right)
A5 prints framed in white oak if anyone knows their whereabouts

The WWT kindly paid me for the pictures in full which was much appreciated, but means they were down on commission which is a great shame.
I will be back again next July, but this time will ensure the pictures are fastened to the wall much more securely.

On a brighter note I received an unusual commission from a 'collector' who takes pride in watching the birds in their garden and wanted a picture of a bird family in my character style to represent their family.
From the list of birds they regularly see on the feeders I chose to portray them as a bullfinch family, as unlike some species, the male, female and juvenile are all individually recogniseable.
This was the result :

Bullfinch family
Title was changed to that of the family who commissioned it  

And here it is framed and ready for collection

I'm happy to say it was very well received,  and the framed original was collected last week by a delighted client. A novel idea which I don't mind repeating in any species of your choice should anyone wish something similar, just get in touch by email for no obligation quote.

Lastly on the subject, I've recently completed a couple of new characters for the garden birds collection, two very common and popular species so I don't know how it's taken me so long to get around to painting them.

Chaffinch (left) and House Sparrow (right)
Common but colourful, the house sparrow subtle colours but beautifully marked 

Pleased how they turned out and I'll soon be putting them up in the North East Art Collective, my representative Gallery in Eldon Gardens, Newcastle City Centre.