Wednesday, 18 March 2015

If you go down to the woods today . . .

I've been investigating the woodlands for inspiration lately, with some new bird characters taking to the wing.

Not a local bird (obviously) but inspired by cute photos by
Andy Howard posted on Twitter

Seen many of these locally, cracking
little birds, aptly named as they creep up tree trunks
from the bottom to the top, then onto the
next one.

More often heard than seen, and calling
in the daytime lately as I pass the local dene.

A colourful little woodland bird. Unlike the
treecreeper, will climb down a tree as well as up it.

Put a few together with a couple of tiny goldcrests in a 'Woodland Window' 
Love raking around the woodlands at this time of year, the bare trees make it easy to spot birds which aren't easy to see in the spring and summer when the leaves take over, and get to grips with their essence and characteristics.