Saturday, 10 January 2015

Yeo Must See This . . .

Had the pleasure of viewing the Jonathan Yeo exhibition at the Laing during the week, a master of portraiture. The collection is almost entirely made up of the most famous (or infamous) people from contemporary life so all easy to recognise, and a great range of style and size.

Those I liked best were where he meticulously paints the features but the rest of the canvas is no more than a rough sketch, which leaves the viewer to both marvel at the expressive features, and lets you imagine the physicality of the surroundings. These are not happy snaps, but a captured moment of personality and /or mood, and all done beautifully.

Paul Boeteng
I think my favourite in the whole exhibition.
Authority in a relaxed manner is the best way
I can describe it.

Nicole Kidman
Beauty and thought rolled into one

Stephen Fry
Just what is going on in that brilliant mind?

Lily Cole
Superb expression, like she's just
been papped.
Other portraits were more specific poses, like this one of Kevin Spacey in his theatre role of Richard III 
Kevin Spacey as Richard III
And Grayson Perry placed in the realm of his other person, Claire.
Grayson Perry as his alter-ego in 'Claire's room'' 
 But the picture which raised a smile in the smaller of the two exhibition rooms is this collage of George W. made from the torn up pages of porn magazines. From any sort of distance you can't tell, but a close scrutiny will reveal a myriad of body-parts, and the odd explicit picture, particularly in his right ear :-O

Ex-President Bush
As part of the £5 entrance fee you are also treated to a gallery containing a photographic account of the life of Hollywood movie starlet Vivien Leigh, which I actually found quite interesting, though thought at first that 'frankly, I wouldn't give a damn'.

One of the better exhibits I've seen in a long time at the Laing, if you have a fiver to spare treat yourself to a bit of culture before the end of Feb. :-)