Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Not the Norm . . .

A couple of unusual commission requests lately.
John, the owner of NEAC in Eldon Gardens (plug) asked if I could do him a Corn Bunting in my 'character' style, for a regular visitor to the Gallery as a surprise gift, I duly obliged and here it is, sadly a bird even less seen than it is requested in our part of the world :

Corn Bunting 'in character'

Secondly a request from Washington WWT, a parting gift for a volunteer of some years, relocating to another part of the country, and who's favourite bird at the Centre is the Nene, or Hawaiian Goose. Again I duly obliged and here is the finished image, a minimalist composition standing central on an A3 sheet.

Poor quality image as it is a photo rather than a scan (sheet too big
for scanner) 

As they were both only dropped off recently I don't think they have yet been handed over, but hope they are well received. :-)