Thursday, 20 November 2014

New Outlet - Visitor Information Centre

The North East Art Collective Gallery (which stocks my work in Newcastle) has recently been granted space in the Visitor Information Centre in the Central Arcade, and a few pieces of my work are now on display and sale there, namely these :

Hopefully this will give both the NEAC and myself a bit of extra publicity, it being a prime spot in the centre of Newcastle, and while dropping off some more work yesterday I was informed the Robin print had already sold :-)
Good start, hope it continues, and many thanks to Cath for choosing me as a representative of the NEAC Gallery to display there, much appreciated.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

End of 2014 Tour

Took the display down at Newcastle Central Library today, well what was left of it. Five exhibitions and displays this year was the most I've done for a while, but as to be expected, the one nearest Christmas is inevitably the most successful, and as you can see by the red dots denoting sales, the panels were looking a bit bare by the end of the two week stint :-

 Altogether, Bob and myself sold thirty-one pictures between us in a more-or-less even split, so we both left the venue happy today.
No more now until we are back at the same venue for our Spring Show at the end of April, when no doubt most of those unsold will be going back up again for another try, mixed with a new batch of work, and the old favourite best-sellers in print form :-)

Cheers Bob for doing the donkey work in manning the show, you're a gem.  


Friday, 7 November 2014

Mini Masterpieces - Charity Event

Last night saw the grand opening of Mini-Masterpieces, a charity auction on behalf of Rape Crisis at the North East Art Collective Gallery in Eldon Gardens, Newcastle :-

I donated a couple of postcards myself and hopefully they will add a few pounds to the total.

By all accounts the opening was a great success and the display looked great with well over 100 pieces of postcard art to be seen.

Part of the Postcard display - (pic from @NorthEastArtCol)
So please call in and have a look if you are in town, even make a bid for one of the cards, it's a secret auction and all to a good cause, and is on show through November.  

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Christmas already ?

Getting prepared for Christmas with my good mate Bob Laine and our 3rd annual Christmas Gift Show at Newcastle Central Library :

A bit earlier than usual but it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas . . . .

Some things old, some things new . . . 

some things borrowed and some things blue . . .

 . . . and some of Bob's
 . . . in fact my first sale today was indeed a xmas gift according to the purchaser.

Bags of bargains and we're up 'til Wednesday November 19th, take down around 5pm. Bob will be on hand 10am -5pm most days for sales, enquiries and a chat, I'll get down when I can, early next week for starters..