Monday, 31 March 2014

Off to a Flyer

My tenancy with the Northeast Art Collective in Eldon Gardens, Newcastle-upon-Tyne has got off to a flying start. Six weeks after delivering five pictures to the Gallery, four have been sold and I've been asked to deliver another half a dozen, a very pleasing result all round.

The original five

My faith in the saleability of the Character Birds is proving well judged so I'll be framing up some more originals and prints to take in, and I think I'll try some of my latest 'characters'.


Song Thrush

A couple of Starlings

Lets hope these are as well received as the last batch :-) The Gallery is a hidden gem, something for everyone and packed full of work by the Northeast's best artists (and me). 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Deep in the Heart of Texas . . .

My 'collector' in the USA sent me an email at the weekend containing a photograph of the three car pictures purchased from me over the last couple of years, now that the Austin Healey Sprite (see Anatomy of a Classic Car Pic, posted Jan 29th) has joined the MG Midget and MG-J2 on his office wall in Texas. So here it is, reproduced by kind permission.

Very smart they look too. Great to see them and great to have such an appreciative client. Thank You.