Thursday, 12 December 2013

Character building . . .

The run-up to Christmas is nearing an end now, busy doing my final commission then I can relax (if you can call it that).
I'm grateful to fellow blogger Johnnykinson who apart from putting a very humbling post on his blog ( re: the recent exhibition in Newcastle, also sent me some info on a commission for some cartoon characters being offered by Northumberland National Park.

The brief was for a young girl with an animal side-kick, I somehow managed to fit it in while still stressing over the portrait commissions I still had to do, and though I would have liked the time to 'tweak' certain aspects of the characters a bit more I was quite happy with my submission on deadline day.
So meet Shirley and Curly :

Unfortunately I heard today they didn't 'get the job' but am chuffed to hear they made the shortlist and I'm informed will be submitted for a different opportunity with the park at a later date, and may yet lead to the offer of other illustration work in the future. So all in all not a bad result, thanks again to John for putting me onto it, much appreciated.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Show is over . . . .

The curtain finally came down on our display in Newcastle City Library at 5pm yesterday. A late rush ensured both myself and Bob ended the fortnight with good sales, with 25 pictures sold between us and a couple of follow-ups may yet increase the tally.

In the end I accounted for exactly 50% of my exhibits, very happy with that, and meant I could get them all home in one hike rather than the two it took to get them there :) the only disappointment was the buyer for one item (which I had to make up especially) didn't bother picking it up. Not appreciated as I wasted both time and money on Sunday getting a frame. They "completely forgot" apparently, but 'wished me well'. Hmmmm . . . the words time and waster spring to mind, but every cloud has a silver-lining and I may have found a buyer for it anyway.

All in all the run up to xmas has been quite good for yours truly, with a few on-line sales from my Folksy shop as well as commissions in pencil and watercolour. And some more nice comments from satisfied customers :

"I've picked up the print and it looks fantastic. . .  My mum is going to absolutely love it!"
Stephanie T. (Newcastle)

"The picture arrived this morning and it looks great so thank you."
Bob W. (Clydebank)

"The coasters arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thanks so much, they're lovely."
Katie R. (Tynemouth)

I'm beginning to like Christmas after all.